Explosive 5G Usage

Hello Experts,

Follow some numbers about 5G usage, from SK Telecom, South Korea.

I am more circumspect about those numbers.
Do users read more with 5G, download more with 5G?
I think no, but 99.5% of the data we download we don’t use it and reaches garbage.
We start a movie, 5G buffers a lot, we watch 2-3 minutes and if we don’t like we move to the next one watch also 2-3 minutes and then to next one and so on.

Meantime 5G buffers a lot of data, useless data that MNOs pay a heavy price for this pattern of behaviour.

If Tomorrow 6G will be here it will happen the same.

We read same amount of stuff, we watch same amount of movies regardless of 4G, 5G or 6G.

Korea setting trend for other counties.

The paradox is that people are asking for QoS: they would be happy to pay a heavy price fo ra GBR of (say) 20 Mbpsec.
Instead of this no operator sells thsi but offers Gbpsec here and kbpsec there.
This is totally crap and will ruin MNO business plans for 5G.
Problem is that MNOs don’t have the coverage and capacity to sell GBR services.
They hope that 5G will get them to that level so they will be able to sell GBR services that will sharply increase ARPU.

It is part of government manifesto or policy.
President asked companies to do whatever to be world leader in 5G.

Yes seems so. Do or die.

Another order from Samsung:

Clear example on how marketing drives user perceived needs.
It’s Apple showing to the consumer what they didnt know they needed… including 5G!
And tomorrow people will be in line to buy it.

Now most of phone start coming with 5G as basics.

Correct, including mmWave.

Yes correct.
Most of new player will enter in mobile industry again due to china ongoing banned all over.
I heard Qualcomm planning to launch their own mobile.
Over all market share of Samsung is high with Exynos chipset.

These apple guys are amazing.
Removing charger and earbuds saying it’s to save the planet. Really?

Lolz. Probably to add more to revenue.

No single doubt about it. :slight_smile:
And people will get convinced they’re saving the planet now.

People will get convinced with anything that Apple will say!

Let’s agree they’re really good on it.
It’s really amazing, and I mean no disrespect at all.
I’m happy they finally brought 5G forward.
It’ll push for an earlier adoption in the market, all OEMs will follow.

And how about the battery?
It’s just 2500 mAh for all Iphones 12.

Also curious with battery + mmWave.

2500 mAh will not last half an hour in mmWave 400 MHz bandwidth heavy upload.

And no charger! :slight_smile:

Steve Jobs would not have made such mistakes…