Examples of Redirection

Hi All.

Can anyone please give example of redirection apart from cs fallback?

Hi Sourav.
You have PS redirection from LTE to UMTS…

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In our network we have Redir 3G to 4G.

I.e. if UE is connected on 3G, we perform redir to move UE to 4G.

There is PS loss during the procedures.

When 4G network level drops below cetain threshold you can choose to perform handover or redirection from 4G to 3G.


RWR can happen in all below possibilities:

  1. 2G to 4G
  2. 3G to 4G
  3. 4G to 4G (Session Continuity/RWR)
  4. 4G to 3G (Session Continuity/RWR)
  5. 4G to 2G (Session Continuity/RWR)