Evolution of AI across industries (Majorly for Telecom & its Use cases)

The evolution of AI in the telecom industry has moved from (Basic Scripting and Automation) to more (AI-based Sophisticated Applications) that enhance customer experience, network performance, and Operations.

As tech. continues to advance, AI plays a vital role in shaping the future of telecommunications.

In 1st & the 2nd Phase - 2000s & 2010s – We saw a transformation in Telecom from having no major role of AI --to–> AI being fully matured, some use cases:-

  • Automate Repetitive & Mundane Tasks.

  • Streamlining operational processes (i.e. Service Provisioning / Fault detection, and basic network Mgmt)

  • Network Optimization & Network Capacity Planning - Abnormally detection / Prediction of Network failures or degradation and Identifying and predicting Capacity needs (proactively).

  • AI-based Smart Customer Mgmt (ChatBOT / Social App) – to handle customer queries, perform tasks like bill inquiries and service activations, etc.

  • Customer Sentiment Analysis to improve customer & network experience / KPIs.

  • Predictive Analytics & Recommendation – Pattern detection, Abnormally detection, Prediction & Correlation for Business KPIs (Churn / Revenue / Opex) & Network KPIs (Traffic / Drops / Blocks / Speed & Latency).

  • Segmentation-based monetization for the new revenue stream.

In 3rd Phase - 2020s – AI and Telecom are going hand in hand with 5G coming into play & There are 100s of Generative-AI-based use cases (Some as below):-

  • Self Optimization (Zero Touch Operation) – Self Detect – Self Address

  • 5G Network Management - AI-powered Auto. Dynamic network orchestration, Slicing Manager, resource allocation, and optimization to ensure optimal performance and low latency.

  • Smart Fault Management - Predicts the Fault along with Action Plan, way before it occurs.

  • QoS Management / Intelligent Resource Management - Identify network level congestion, predict the upcoming congestion & automatically take actions & maintain QoS.

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