Everything You Need to Know about 5G Voice EPS Fallback

Deep dive into 5G Voice EPS Fallback, covering “Everything You Need to Know.” The following topics are explored in this video:

  1. 5G Voice Services: Comprehensive exploration of all available voice solutions for all 5G architectures.

  2. Voice Over New Radio: In-depth explanation of VONR Architecture and IMS NW Functions.

  3. Fallback Triggering Methods: Listing the core differences between EPS Fallback and RAT Fallback.

  4. EPS Fallback Triggering Methods: Detailed exploration of the main triggering methods for Fallback.

  5. Call Flow (Signaling): In-depth view of signaling call flow for EPS HO and Redirection measurement-based scenarios.

  6. Explaining How to Calculate the EPS Fallback Setup Time: Clarifying the process of calculating the setup time for EPS Fallback.

Watch Video on YouTube: :point_right: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pl62rjUBoqM

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