EUtranRelation mean on UserLabel Column ZTE Dump File

Hi everyone, I found remark EUtranRelation in userLabel column ZTE dump, as you can see in image below. Do you know what its mean?
This network using 3 carrier in 1 sector = TDD 20Mhz, TDD 10Mhz, FDD 10Mhz. Image show this is FDD dump,

Cellid = SITEID_(carrier id, “1” for TDD 20Mhz, “2” for TDD 10Mhz, “3” for FDD 10Mhz)_1(sector id),
example = SITEID_12 (TDD 20Mhz sector2), SITED_22 (TDD 10Mhz sector2), SITEID_32 (FDD 10Mhz sector2)

thank you

actually for userlabel if neighbor created by ANR will give name automatically cellname_source-cellname-target. if created by user on default will be labeled by EUtranRelationTDD or EUtranRelationFDD and also you can modified since this MO is R-W

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Thank you, nice info sir…

so we can get info cellname-target labeled EUtranRelation from EUtranRelationFDD/TDD part?
then we can collect all relation by merging EUtranRelation+EUtranRelationFDD/TDD, right?

In most of the vendors, userlabel is a Label for free use.
In other words, a field that you can fill with your own Text.
Provides the possibility to put a user-friendly label on the MO instance.
The value is not used by the System in any algorithym or process.

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