European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem

European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem


Nice White Paper published by 5G IA.

This White Paper is a major milestone at a time when the 5G IA is preparing for the next chapter in the mobile communications story with the new ‘ Smart Networks and Services’ (SNS) European Partnership in the framework of the Horizon Europe programme.

Seems 6g will be reality soon. :slight_smile:

In Open RAN session informed by experts that 6G will be main use case for Open RAN.
It means Open RAN will have main usage with 6G deployment.
Mavenir claimed that they tested massive MIMO with Open RAN as well.
But massive MIMO still not giving much benefits as expected.

Anyone having NR massive MIMO experience? How is KPI in NR for MU-MIMO?

Money hasn’t been recovered yet for 5G investment :joy:

True. But if the break_even is so longer and Opex is getting higher, then industry just disposes the old one.
Isn’t same happened with 3G as well.
It is always about money :moneybag:. :face_with_monocle:

Even Indian operators not got ROI for 4G.

5G had no major use case as LTE advanced mature networks had matchable speed & capacity.

Agreed. But better statement, in my opinion, is that 5G hasn’t matured any use case other than eMBB which LTE and WiFi is more or less supporting already.