eSIM Wearables

With the advent of eSIM, Now there’s another revenue stream that Telco OPs are embarking on and that is eSIM based wearables. Traditionally, Smart Watches were required to be connected with Primary Mobile Phone via Bluetooth, and accompany it along. What if you forget your Mobile Phone at hom? SmartWatch would merely be an ordinary Watch.#
Here comes the eSIM enabled Smart Watches which can be provisioned with their eSIM Profiles in order to receive/send calls, texts or use data. Now, there are various solutions that are being developed by various OEMs, some are Shared Number (Phone and Watch with same Number), Dedicated Number (Distinct Numbers of Phone and Watch), Number Transfer between phone and watch or between phones unless all of them are eSIM supported. With this, there is a network enablement is required with entitlement server as well as SMDP+ Server/eSIM Server etc.

Its a food for thought, you are welcomed to share your thoughts, ideas on.