Error: The specified neighbor cell in [GLTENCELL] does not exist

Hi All,
I am receiving this error when trying to creat GSM to LTE neighbor cell definition:
The specified neighbor cell in [GLTENCELL] does not exist.
Vendor is Huawei.

Any suggestions?

Check if it is defined as external NBR?
Did you first declared the LTE as an external cell?

First define in External Cell and use exactly same name used in external tab in GLTENCELL.
It will be added.

Got the command GEXTLTECELL.
How is CI calculated, as per CI is eNodeB Id plus Sector Id?
Suppose my eNodeB Id as e.g. 18297 and Sector Id as 2.
So how is CI calculated in that command?

It is NBRLTECELLNAME that matters, not cell ID.
This has to be the same as in external cell.
If you choose “BYNAME” in command.

LTE cell should be added as external cell first using ADD GEXTLTECELL.

CellIdentity (CI) used to uniquely identify an LTE cell in the PLMN. For macro base stations, EUtran CellId consists of a 20-bit eNodeBID and an 8-bit CellID (EutranCellID = eNodeBID x 256 + CellID). For micro base stations, EUtranCellID is a 28-bit eNodeBID.
This is for Huawei.

Check this for other vendors too:

CellID is LocalCell ID in LTE CELL.
LST CELL - where we get localcell IDs.

Exactly, you should find it using LST CELL, eNodeB level.

In this example, if Cell ID is also 2, then EutranCellID in GEXTLTECELL = 18297 * 256 + 2 = 4684034