Ericsson moshell


Does anybody have the latest version of Ericsson moshell?

I have 22.0u.
Do you need a specific version?

Yes, it’s ok 22.u?Could you pls share?

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File is 96 MB I can’t post it here, if you want share your telegram user, I’ll send it there

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Hello Amir,
Could you please share 22.0u on Telegram group “Ericsson_device” ?

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Ok I’ll, but there’s a newer version 22.0v


22.0u or 22.0v, all good for me !!!
Can you share please ?

Moshell 22.0u on cygwin 64bit
link: 96.18 MB file on MEGA


Oh nice !
Thank you…

Have a nice day :wink:

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Can you please upload again whichever version is available (u or v)?
Link seems to be dead now.
Thank you in advance.

Hello how did u manage to use Cygwin64bit… because i have trouble in updating my cygwin 32bit due to new Moshell Update
Thank u

Thank u so much Hainlm… i will try to install Cygwin64

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Hi, Moshell 22.0u and 22.0v on Cygwin 64bit
Moshell 22.0u : 96.18 MB file on MEGA
Moshell 22.0v : 96.55 MB file on MEGA
Have a nice day ^^


Working great with cygwin 64 bit.
Thank you so much Hainlm.

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Nice that would be nice… Thanxs in advance

thanks bro

Query: where can I find the cygwin_install.txt for this version?

Thank you very much

cygwin_install64.txt (5.1 KB)

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could you share the Moshell 22v 32bit version?

22V is 64 bit only

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