Ericsson Microwave Outlook 2021

New 2021 edition of Ericsson Microwave Outlook out.

This year’s edition provides insights and trends up until 2026 in the wireless backhaul industry, covering topics from spectrum reuse, microwave and fiber split in different regions, the spread of E-band across the world and wind impact, network slicing and Fixed Wireless Access.

Good if you want to know about:

:arrow_right: Microwave backhaul across the world
:arrow_right: Deploying E-band (70/80GHz) backhaul for #5G - can wind impact the connection?
:arrow_right: Case study: Telefónica Germany’s use of E-band in 5G
:arrow_right: Network slicing supported in microwave networks
:arrow_right: How microwave is perfect for Fixed Wireless Access backhaul
:arrow_right: Frequency reuse and wide channels

And more!

E-band global choice: