Ericsson export command inventory (CLI) for 5G (NR)

Hi Dear Expert.

Can someone share the Ericsson export command inventory (CLI) for 5G (NR)?

shm export --hardware --nodes NODENAME


For export all NR, can I use *NR * on NODENAME?

--savedsearch or --collection


“Enter node name. Wildcards must be used before and/or after partial names. e.g. * RBS * to filter on all node names that contain ‘RBS’.”

I tried, but this one but doesn’t work.

shm export --node *NR * --hardware --jodname

My bad, it is only for cpp-nodes, for radionodes cmedit export

Try this: Boda - Ericsson CM Data (Dump)

And this: Boda - Ericsson Inventory Data (Dump)

This command here should work very well:
cmedit get 5G-SPJP01 FieldReplaceableUnit.(productData.(productName,productNumber)) -t

If you want to save the entire network to a file, do this:
cmedit get * FieldReplaceableUnit.(productData.(productName,productNumber)) -t

Beforehand, a tip - Press CTRL+Enter → it will prompt you for a file name to save in C:\Downloads.