ERICSSON ENM and Bandwidth engineering

Hi guys
I’m looking for some method to find lack of radio resource in busy hours.
I wrote kpi based on unsuccessful rab/E-Rab attempts, but it’s not exact. Do you have some other way? Generally, is there any absolute way to calculate the exact bandwidth that can handle all UEs requests?

Also, I’m looking for the Ericsson ENM user manual. Please send it to me.

First, get all the KPI stats from the network node, and using excel use “standard deviation method and function” to compare when it’s not busyhour and it is busyhour. Then you will see certain KPIs spike up right before or tell you as a sign for certain kinds of things happening for the network node. That’s how I analyze the system.

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If your node has 3G, you could check the IubLimiting and Frame Lost KPI. Both are sensitive when you have bandwidth degradation on your TX, and the degradation is more noticeable during peak traffic hours.

IubLimiting = pmCapAllocIubHsLimitingRatioSpi [00 - 15]

% Frame Lost = Lost / (Lost + Received)

Lost = pmHsDataFramesLostSpi[00 - 15]
Received = pmHsDataFramesReceivedSpi [00 - 15]