Ericsson DU Radios x BaseBand Radios

Ericsson has 2 types of radios: it can be DU Radio or BaseBand Radio

Depending on radio type, corresponding information is extracted from different sources.

  • For CM (Configuration Management): when you Export via BulkCM you will find MOs only for DU Radio, MOs only for BaseBand Radios and MOs for Both. (“Corresponding” MOs have almost the same columns, so it’s easy to join it).

  • For Inventory: you can use 2 programs:
    SMO: to export Inventory for DU Radios
    SHM: to export Inventory for BaseBand Radios

In the Inventory case, if you want to get the Inventory Information of the entire network (DU Radios + BB Radios) you need to query 2 MOs: AuxPlugInUnit (for DU Radios) and FieldReplaceableUnit (for BB Radios).

Unfortunately, for DU Radios the information that should be present in AuxPlugInUnit is empty. So, we need to get this info via SMO.

So, things get a little confusing.

The AMOS approach could be used, but this is hard to schedule, fopr example in crontab (you would be needed to update sitelist regularly), making automation a problem.

!!! WORKAROUND to get a complete report inventory (RRU + BBU) for Ericsson !!!

For DU Radios:
Parse XML file (generated with SMO CPP command*)
*Because CM_BulkCM MO AuxPlugInUnit, that should contain the info, is empty!

For BaseBand Radios:
Parse XML file (generated with BulkCM Export - MO FieldReplaceableUnit)

Parse Text file (generated with bsm command)

Boda can parse it all, all you need to do is work with processed data. :wink: