Ericsson BBU 6630 and MOShell error message

Dear folk

At a lab I was trying to load the script and software using SFTP mini server to Ericsson BBU 6630 so far everything went smooth following the supplied guideline

At the very final stage :

Open Cygwin terminal and connect to the node via moshell

I received the attached message :

Unable to connect to
Cannot connect to MO service, existing

What troubleshoot do I need to perform that might help to find the cause of the error?

Hello Zilla,

Please check your LAN Ethernet cable connection setting. We need to do IP setting on your machine
I will share with you the IP settings shortly

((Please check your LAN Ethernet cable connection setting. We need to do IP setting on your machine))
Thx Omtee
The laptop can ping the BBU 6630 means physical connectivity is there isn’t ?
SFTP server was able to load a script and a software to the BBU 6630 means laptop was talking to the node ,wasn’t it ?
If the issue was with ip settings the laptop couldn’t communicate with the BBU at all.

Factory defaults on Ericsson BB set the LMT ethernet port to be reachable at with your computer at
Before you start you have to be able to ping it from your PC.

Now, you said you were able to contact initially with the BB. Here’s the interesting part on what probably happened to you:

New Ericsson BB software has a limitation: before you install your script (with the production software of your network) you have to make sure the NL (network loader or bootloader) version of your BB hardware is at least L19Q1.
If you install a new software without that NL the BB will crash after the first restart. The button ‘Integrate’ will not be usable.
Also, the BB with not bring up its ethernet connection, and you will not be able to connect to it, even ping will not work as the interface does not get up. Evidently you will not be able to connect to it via moshell.

You say you installed a script, probably the autointegration xml with basic cv and software. If that’s the case then the BB cannot be restored to default settings because you cannot connect to it via ETH.
The reset button does not work either, it does not set factory defaults and the BB stays with ETH dead.

I don’t know if there’s a console cable pinout for these, or if setting a DHCP server might bring the ETH up. I haven’t had time to test it with a network sniffer.