Ericsson baseband network loader version

Dear colleagues,
How can I read the version of a baseband network loader by AMOS? We use 5216 and 6630 basebands in our network. When we have to replace a piece of faulty equipment and load the current software version onto it, it would be good to know the version of the network loader, as the software loading method depends on it.
Is there a way to read the version of the network loader by AMOS?

Hi, there is OPI to restore from CV. It is SW version independent. Are you use somthing else?

With the method we use, the version of the software on the spare device doesn’t matter from which it needs to be updated to the version used in the network. This is done in one or two steps depending on the age of the version.
The bootloader version matters too. This determines whether the software must be compressed or unpacked in the directory of the FTP server before uploading

Is there any way to read the network loader version directly from the baseband via AMOS?
Using some command? cvls command doesn’t show such information.

There is no such command in AMOS. Maybe some internal ericsson command can show. ELEX says from SW 19 to SW 21 it is 1.3.1 (Das U-Boot - Universal Bootloader 1.3.1)

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Hi, I don’t know why I’m reading as bootloader. The network loader should be here:

get SwItem administrativeData RCS-DUS2

The version is the last part of the appearing product identity, starting with the letter R.