Ericsson and MediaTek set uplink speed record on mmWave using carrier aggregation

With enhanced user experience top of mind, Ericsson and MediaTek continue to harness the potential of 5G with a new milestone – a successful carrier aggregation on millimeter wave to achieve an uplink throughput of nearly 500 megabits per second – double the current upload speeds and the fastest recorded to date.

Tech details

Ericsson and MediaTek integrated four component carrier, each of 100 MHz, in the uplink using non-standalone architecture (aggregating 8x100MHz in the downlink and 4x100 MHz in the uplink). The integration carried out in a lab setting resulted in a throughput of 495 Mbps (425 Mbps in 5G plus 70 Mbps in 4G), doubling the current uplink speed on the market.

The test was done using the 39 GHz spectrum of NR (400 MHz) and combining it with a single carrier of LTE 1900 MHz spectrum (20 MHz). The whole bandwidth was then aggregated using the LTE and NR links, realizing a total throughput of close to 500 Mbps.