Ericsson 6630 autointegration error

I am getting enospc(no space on device) when performing autointegration, looks like i am having issues with factory default, i am pressing the reset button (top) waiting for all lights to blink, then wait till the tick blinks (0.5Hz). Is a bit and miss.
Somebody know of a full proof method to clear the drive space? or at least verify factory default?

Can you get to the Emergency Access page at

If so, does it say the node has been up before? If you have the option to hit the board restore button at the bottom, I’d try it, although according to the documentation, the button at the top should do the same thing, though I seem to have better luck when using the board restore button from the website

Also is there any way you could please check out the post I made earlier and see if this is something you can help with? Enabling RF output on Ericsson radios - #2 by vlr9999