Ericsson 5G Optimization Root Cause Analysis

Hi Guys,

I am looking for Ericsson root cause analysis document for 5G. I once had 4G document, it had accessibility, retainability, mobility and integrity component chart diagram in it with KPIs and counters written and presentation was really neat. I am looking for a similar document for Ericsson 5G and EN-DC. Can anyone please help me, it’s been more than 5 years since I’ve worked on Ericsson.

telecomHall do not allow sharing of proprietary documents.

But i think this is nice, and we all (members) could build something like this…

@staff , could you please build such resource? :wink:

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I wanted to know where can I find this document within Ericsson Library. And I appreciate your effort to make a similar document that can help engineers to start with new vendors comfortably.

I believe this document do not exist within documentation (Elex etc.)

It seems more like a service, like Optimization Service.

Also, probably there is this kind of docs for other vendors too.

I guess there could be more documents for different vendors as well. I’ve never worked on Ericsson 5G network and this type of RCA chart helped a lot for me when I started on 4G.

Dear Can you share your mentioned Document for LTE?