Ericsson 5G Air radio for b78 or n78


Can someone tell Ericsson 5G Air radio name for b78 or n78 [3400 -3800 MHz]?


Massive MIMO 5G radio.

Model name/number varies with each region due to spectrum bandwidth.
3400-3500, 3500-3600, 3700-3800.
Not full 400 MHz.

Air 6449, Air 6488.

This is 64T64R.

AIR3236 is 32T32R, AIR3219 are 32T32R products in midband.

Some 6488 configurations:

B42 3400-3600
B43 3600-3800

thanks for your replying. but I need one radio for whole band from 3400 to 3800.
I can find AIR6428 with 400 MHz and 3258 from 3400 to 3800Mhz. but I dont find more information.

AIR3258 is correct, it can do the 400MHz IBW as required. What more details are you looking for?

Hellomy friend,
Could you please provide the AIR datasheet. I need some technical details and also availability in market and price.
Thanks & Regards