eRAB fail in one cell due to MME Packet loss in GBR

Hi All,
I have eRAB fail in one cell due to MME end Packet loss in GBR.
Anything can I do for parameter level in LTE?
Erab and rrc is 97 and issue is no context at mme.
Vendor is Huawei.

How to increase cell level erab and rrc?
Can I delay reselection to improve rrc and erab fail? As it will increase attempts?
How to reduce packet loss in that cell?
No rssi issue.

No context means that after HO, new eNB hasn’t gotten your context or wasn’t transfered via X2 or by MME.
Check X2 alarms, configure nbr etc.

But my rrc is failing not HO and erab.
I will check X2.
HO is also 97.
Maybe need to check.
If X2 failures, then I need to resolve that first.
But what about packet loss?
X2 can impact as it goes through s1?
Thanks for the suggestion.