ERAB Drop reasons

Hi Experts,

How can we find the reason for the ERAB drop in Nokia LTE sites ?

There are detailed drop reason counters available for both vendors. Below are from Ericsson and there could be for Nokia. Please check the Nokia counters…

pmErabRelAbnormalEnbActCdt - due to down time
pmErabRelAbnormalEnbActUeLost - due to UE lost
pmErabRelAbnormalEnbActHpr - due to HO prep stage
pmErabRelAbnormalEnbActHo - due to HO exe stage
pmErabRelAbnormalEnbActTnFail - due to S1, X2 down or transport unavailability
pmErabRelAbnormalEnbActPe - due to pre-emption

Due to Down Time: Check outage, cell availability
Due to UE Lost: Poor Coverage , Interference
Due to HO Prep failures: Check license (LKF), check load, check MME (termpoint)
Due to HO Exe failures: Check PCI Collision, Coverage problem, Interference
Due To Tn failure: Transport issue, check sctp errors, check S1 failures as well
Due to Preemption: Admin Load Control based on mx rrc, max radio bearers and BW capacity

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