eNodeB - UE power calculations

A base station / eNodeB transmit power is 43 dBm and UE max power is 23 dBm.

  • At how much power will eNB provide PRB to this UE?

  • What would be PRB power / RE power?

  • How to calculate power of one Resource Element?

  • Resource Element power if fixed or variable as per UE distance is that geographical area?

eNodeB - UE power calculations

40w / 10 MHz or 20 Mhz BW.

40w / 100PRB, RE power remains same unless certain mobility features activated.

UE power depends on location in indoor for a geo area its being served incl path losses across.


Suppose the following:

A user standing 100m far from the enodeB and B user standing at 150m.

For both A & B user will RE Power be the same?

Thats your control signal and traffic will vary based on DTX both sides.