eNodeB scheduler request for UE delete context reasons

Hi Experts,
Does anyone know reason that causes scheduler in eNB to request MAC for UE delete context during RACH procedure apart from this request coming from RRC?

What do you mean: RACH apart from this request coming from RRC?

I mean: there is a Msg3 sent by UE but I see that scheduler is requesting MAC to delete this UE context.
Now, MAC usually deletes UE context based on request coming from RRC.
So, is it known why scheduler would request MAC to delete UE context?

After msg3, I think UE is still in idle mode. Idle UE, eNB not have UE context.

gNB releases the UE context and the temporary C-RNTI If the maximum number of RA Msg3 transmissions has been reached & contention resolution not completed .