Enode B response timeouts

Hello experts,

Core network team say they have a lot of enodeB response timeouts on their pdp activation failure traces.
What is the timer responsible for waiting for feedback from enodeB in core network?

what are pontential causes of enodeb response time outs aside from transmission?

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Hi Please ask from core core guy enodeB details which are major contributing in it.
Normally enodeB response timeouts leads to degrade in LTE attach success rate.
There could be major three reason if it starts suddenly even you did not change any radio side.

  1. Alarm pop up on enodeB related to RSSI or any other fault in antenna which can also impact on other technology.
  2. Check the users and traffic of sites if its overloaded
  3. Issue may persist with Transmission media if any link is going congested for those particular sites.
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Possible reason:
1 The eNodeB configuration incorrect.
2 USN configuraion wrong.
3 UGW configuration wrong.
4.IPPATH is missing

Core → eNB
eNB → UE
eNB ← UE
Core ← eNB

If eNB timer waiting for UE response is longer than the core timer waiting for eNB response, then any radio issue will be captured by core timers first


Which aspect of the enodeb configurations?

When you say usn/ugw configurations, which Mos are you referring to?
TAC? Timers? Or ?

What is the parameter id for the core waiting timer (huawei)

configuration of enodeB ,mean IP config toward core side

configuration of UGW and USN including IP address and Timer

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