Enmscripting initialization error `Please make sure the URL is a valid ENM URL`

Hello everyone,

I recently discovered Ericsson enmscripting library they provide to consume their API to connect to ENM-cli via python script

I read their docummentation and I was hoping to be able to connect to the ENMs i use on my daily activities and write some scripts to make my life and my teams easier, but when I try to log into the library, I get the error in the topic subject (I am using the same url I use when I connect to the ENM on the web browser:

Please make sure the URL [https://enm.url:8005/] is a valid ENM URL

This is a small class I was writting to test the library which is the one giving me the error

class Enm_session:
    def __init__(self,url,user,password):
        self.url = url
        self.user = user
        self.password = password
    def init_session(self):
        self.session = enmscripting.open(self.url).with_credentials(enmscripting.UsernameAndPassword(self.user,self.password))
    def close_session(self):
        if self.session():
    def send_command(self,command):
        if self.session():
            cmd = self.session.command()
            response = cmd.execute(command)
            for element in response.get_output():
def main():
    url = r'https://enm.url:8005/'
    user = "myuser"
    pasword = "mypassword"
    enm = Enm_session(url,user,pasword)
    command = 'cmedit get MeContext=SampleNode'

As for requirementes I installed :

Package              Version
-------------------- --------
bcrypt               4.1.3
certifi              2024.2.2
cffi                 1.16.0
charset-normalizer   3.3.2
cryptography         42.0.7
enm-client-scripting 1.22.2
idna                 3.7
pip                  24.0
pycparser            2.22
PyNaCl               1.5.0
requests             2.32.0
six                  1.16.0
uplink               0.9.7
uritemplate          4.1.1
urllib3              2.2.1

and my Python version is 3.12.3

any insights? thanks

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Hi, @fcmarcoa, for some reason server https://enm.url:8005/ can not autheticate you. At first, check URL you are using. Then modify code for logging like this and check logs.

import logging

    format="%(levelname)-8s [%(asctime)s] %(message)s",

Hi @vlr9999 I did add logging to the script but the error is basically the same, just to confirm, I am using the exact same url i use everyday to log into enm via internet browser

INFO [2024-05-22 10:28:21,028] ENM opening session: https://enm.url:8005/, None
INFO [2024-05-22 10:28:21,028] ENM session is open: [https://enm.url:8005/][None][<enmscripting.private.session.ExternalSession object at 0x00000205FB85A1E0>]
ERROR [2024-05-22 10:28:21,892] Failed to open session. Please make sure the URL [https://enm.url:8005/] is a valid ENM URL

Make sure you are not behind firewall or proxy. I believe it is a network issue. You are failed here: