Energy Efficiency in 5G devices KPI

Hello Experts,
Is anyone aware of a KPI Energy Efficiency in 5G devices ie Mbps/milliampere?
If so please share how can we measure this?

Should be Mbpsec/watts but it will depend on traffic so better measure it at busy hour for each cell.

Lot of operators have now smart approach ie they shutdown layers in 3G and 4G during night time when there is no traffic to reduce power consumption and keep onair only 1 layer per each tehcnology for coverage when there’s no need for capacity.

I think you are referring to power efficiency of the Network.
But Im looking for UE side Power Efficiency.
It’s more about Mobile battery draining Vs throughput…

If it is from Device perspective you should benchmark all UEs in good coverage (MCS = 27) and measure data volume achieved till battery is drained.
You cannot do it with instant measurements like Mbps/milliampere you have to average it heavily and relate it to battery capacity of each UE.
Of course with same rank, same location, same conditions, etc.

Ok, sounds reasonable.
But I doubt Qualcomm and other chipset vendors should be having this measurement at sort of instantaneous points.

I think some UEs will start to have beamforming in Uplink very soon.

With mm-wave and high BW channels, the higher data speeds can offset the higher current consumption.