ENDC Success Rate from UE point or Layer3 messages

Hello All,
Does anyone help to get formula/logic for ENDC success rate from UE point or Layer3 messages?.

Once after B1 MR reported by UE, If NR PCI known, then next step is the ENDC setup Ue att, SGNB addition req from Menb to selected gnb, sgng ack and then Menb rrc-reconfigure, rrc-reconfig complete from UE for ERRC.
Then NR-RRC MIB, reconfiguration and rrc-reconfig complete for NR RRC.
This is the ENDC setup UE Succ.
sgNB services are available to UE.

Hereโ€™s the 5G NSA call flow:

With this picture in mind you can define KPIs as per your convenience.

Below logic can be used:

ENDC Success rate (including air, BH, X2 conf etc)

Attempt - UE reporting B1 event / or RRc Reconf from eNb after B1.
Success - Msg2 from SgNB.

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That means RACH success in 5G can be considered as Success & RRC reconf from eNB as attempt (after B1)?

I think so. :wink:

Others can comment.

Iโ€™m with UE reporting B1 as the attempt