End user Optical fiber experiences

Hi Guys,

I am currently working on a new project which consists on the technical evaluation of the end user experience of a fiber optic internet subscribers.

To do this, we have a tool that has been developed in-house and we plan to use it to do this kind of measurement on customers’ premises. The measures to be taken are:

  • Latency: Ping
  • Streaming: 1 minute youtube video
  • Download: 50MB file
  • Upload: 50MB file
  • DL/UL Bandwidth: 500MB file
  • Send and receive mail via Gmail with a 1MB attachment
  • Web Browsing: opening 4 web pages

To properly configure the measurement tool, we will have to enter parameters ​​such as the size of the files to download, the server to ping, the URLs of the WEB pages and especially the Time-out for each type of measurement. This Time-out will allow us to identify the measurements which have exceeded the tolerable time limits for the execution of the measurements, and then the tool will return a “Timeout” state for those measurements.

My question: according to your experiences, what are the optimal values of Time-out for each type of measurement, knowing that these measurements will be made on a Data line based on Optical Fiber (Example: DL Bandwidth of 100Mbps).

Sorry for this long explanation but i want you to understand exactly the situation. Many thanks in avance.