End to End Report Development process in Power BI for beginners

A nice tutorial video for you that are you looking for a way to start using Power BI but don’t know how.

Also if you are feeling frustrated with repetitive tasks in Excel and thinking of switching to Power BI.

In this tutorial video you will see the end to end report development process in Power BI for beginners.

You will not spend much time on beautifying our report, instead it will be on creating a simple report and the process behind it.

These are some of the topics covered in the tutorial:

  • Power BI Desktop walk through
  • Connect to different data sources
  • Transform & clean your data
  • Creating relationships (data modelling)
  • DAX
  • Create a report
  • Publish a report
  • Scheduled refresh
  • Share a report

This tutorial should give you a good understanding of the entire process and help you getting started with Power BI quickly!

Check the tutorial in Youtube: Power BI Tutorial - FOR BEGINNERS - YouTube