Enabling RF output on Ericsson radios

I work for AT&T and part of my job is to ensure equipment gets shipped out to the field in working condition. This is especially important for radios, as we wouldn’t want a non-functional radio to be installed on a tower before we can confirm it is fully functional. The problem is finding the right tools and information is proving to be very difficult.

What I’m trying to do is enable the RF output on an any Ericsson radio so that we can run it through a spectrum analyzer and we can check if the signal integrity is acceptable. The problem is that we don’t exactly have all the tools / knowledge at our disposal, which is what I’ve been tasked to figure out.

Here’s what we do have access to right now:

  • Node upgrade package version CXP9024418/6 R55G22 18.Q4
  • Moshell version 19.0n
  • Nearly every Ericsson radio
  • Nearly every Ercisson baseband unit

After speaking with somebody who is knowledgeable in this field, it’s my understanding that the tool we’ll use to physically enable the RF output is Moshell. However, the configuration we’re using right now is hacked together. The tool we’re missing is Ericsson’s ECT program (Equipment Configuration Tool). I have attached a screenshot of the program below, in case you are unsure of what I’m talking about. This program should come as a JAR file

For the time being, I would like to try to acquire this program, however, once I have it and can successfully create a valid configuration, I will need to actually enable the output of the radio. If anybody can provide either this JAR file or give any additional information in my quest, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all!

Hello, this tool is only for creating XML-templates. You can create this template manually, or you should have it already, if you have working RBS. Another option is to copy configuration from RBS using moshell ‘u+s’.

I have a few example templates, including a working one, however, without this tool it’s very difficult to tell what options are valid. The template we use now simply allows for a single radio connection, so that we can connect to it via Moshell to pull serial number / SFP data so that we can confirm the boards themselves are somewhat working.

Since this setup is not intended for an actual site configuration, we are not supplied a working one. We cannot pull configurations of existing units that come back from the field since they’re password protected.

If you have access to ENM, you can use browser version Autoprovisioning->Add node->Create profile

I do not have access to that either unfortunately. That’s why I was hoping somebody could provide the JAR. Since these aren’t actively being deployed at the time we test them, we don’t get a lot of support. If anybody has access to the software gateway at https://swgw.ericsson.net/, the JAR can be acquired from there as well. I could be wrong, but I would assume that anybody who can use ENM can also access this

Still desperately looking for answers. If anybody knows anything, please chime in. Thanks

We are looking for the same. Did you find any solution?

As far as I know even with the correct hw, integrated with a valid config, you still need a valid TX up and connected to the network in order to have the site ok to get its cells up and with RF on.
RF won’t be up until the cell is UP, and for the cell to be up you need TX up.

Picture Moshell as a set of scripts, where you can access and operate the site. If you do not have Moshell you can still do it via Emas or, in newer BB, via EmGUI (web based). BUT, afaik you need a working TX to be able to get a cell up on your HW.

I maybe able to assist. We use a configured BBU with an EPC emulator to bring up the eNB.

Dear @Sandman ,

I am very interested in learning how to configured the Ericsson BB 6630 to operate with an EPC emulator. Could you share some details on how
did you get this to work?

Hi Sandman I work for a third-party repair facility. We repair a ton of Nokia radios and looking to incorporate the Ericsson line. I understand there is a MOSHELL required but cannot find it anywhere. Would be interested in discussing with you an opportunity to help me setup a test station. If you are interested please contact me. Thanks

Hi, @Chuckles, for moshell check here. Install manual is inside.