Emergency Calls Configuration - Wrong Zone Code

Hello Guys,

Does anyone know where the Emergency Calls parameters are configured in a wireless network? In BSS or CORE side?

I just had some test calls done and the reported zone code is wrong…
I’m trying to find how to correct it, but not getting anywhere.
I’d imagine this should be configured in the CORE network… but I don’t know what to look for.

Btw… this is regarding 3G cells.

Thanks in advance.

Yes its in the MSC Media Gateway.
You should assign cellid or sai to the corresponding zone code.

I think It is done in MSC.

I think its also known as LAC or TAC.
If it is so… It can be changed at eNodeB end.
But configuration part has to be done at MME end.

I’m sorry… CORE network is kind of a cloud for me.
Did you meant MSC or MGW?

It should be MSC/MSS, MGW handles userplane.