EasyOokla App

Dears, I have created what I called EasyOokla App.

It’s basically an application that can deal with Android and iOS zip files “raw data” extracted directly from the Ookla portal.


I‘ve been dealing with Ookla raw data for a while as my daily routine tasks, extracting and analyzing the data, get insights and prepare useful cases, trying to find network issues that contribute to low throughput and high latency aiming to improve and enhance our Operator SpeedTest Score.

The bottleneck issue was to deal with the raw data itself especially in situations where you can not use your data analytics tools such as Python and Tableau etc.

I have developed “EasyOokla App” to download, extract and manipulate the data with just a button click.

This App will save time and efforts especially dealing with so many raw data files …

The App is available and anyone can use it immediately…

The user guide and the App are available for download at below links:

EasyOokla App

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Thanks a lot for such initiative and how would the outcome file ?


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Most welcome brother,
The output files are devided into 2 main categories:
1- “GET Grouped by data” Grouping the raw data by Main attributes
Such as: Day, Technology, Data_Source, location_type, App_version, Operator_name, ISP Name, client city, server sponsor name, server_name, count(test_id), avg(dl_thr), avg(ul_thr), median(latency)

There are 3 output files under this category one for IOS, one for Android and one combined together.

You can download one month from Ookla and data can be grouped together… Without any issues…

2- “GET Manipulated data” in this category I have removed unwanted attributes and I kept the most important ones in addition to adding ranges for Thr, Latency and km_between. So we can Analyze the data much easier…

There are 3 output files as well under this category, one for IOS data one for Android and one combining both files together…

This category is suitable for deep analysis as many attributes are there…

I have plan to add visualization and other features as well I was thinking to wait untill everything is ready and as planned . but due to the workload things postponeded then I have decided to share what’s ready and with time I will add more features… :smile:

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I can’t see the output files ? Is it normal ? Where can I see the results of the tool ?

Dear Oliv,
Thanks for your question, I have added the user guid link together with the App.

The output files should be available in the same target file location when you click “select folder” basically this is a target folder where all your files will be stored/downloaded in it.

Im preparing a video how it works explaining and showing the App Output :+1: