Easy explanation of VSWR and RSSI?

I short description, how you can explain VSWR and RSSI?

VSWR generally alarm on site.
Usually indicates problem with feeder, jumper connection, etc.
VSWR degrade site performance as well, leading to HO failure, call drop.

RSSI indicates interference created by users in UL what we have UL RSSI KPI forPUCCH/PUSCH.
RSSI leads to ul throughput degradation,problem in decoding ACK/NACK by eNodeB leading to degraded KPI on site.
To improve RSSI you can control site coverage, so overlapping can be reduced and users can inject less interference in UL.
At DL end also RSSI there measure by UE but we don’t have KPI for same used by UE for PLMN selection.

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Is there cases where VSWR is caused by wrong config?

I need to recall but I think some alarm threshold there for VSWR need to configure which sometimes wrong configuration leads to false alarm.

Mostly occurs when loose connection on any leg or feeders jumpers issue or water ingress.
Value should not be more than 1.5 or some vendors 1.6 for 4G.

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Other way around VSWR alarm also leads to poor RSSI value on site.

Is there any way to catch the interference root cause?

Interference source if is external tough.
Check any repeater near site.
Ducting issue.
Small cell install.
Any new site plan in area.

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Ensure no physical issues at site also.
Recently I’ve experienced issue with interference, but issue was with site itself.