Dynamically changing Inactivity Timer for LTE cells

Hi dears,
Is there any feature or switch that dynamically change inactivity timer for heavy load LTE cells?

In Nokia Data session profiling.
Depending on the user behavior long or short session, network assigns long or short inactivity.

Thanks! Do you know about Huawei? Feature or parameter name?

In Huawei Inactivity Timer can be changed from family ENODEBCONNSTATETIMER.
But not sure if there is equivalent feature to change it dynamically.

I guess this is for static value, and not change dynamically.

Yes, exactly.

Thanks so much dear for your support


Question: anyone have test result or any comment regarding changing Inactivity Timer from 10s to 5s? LTE Ericsson.

Yes, we have done that.
Some improvement in drops, slight increase of UE throughput.
But for other side increase on signalling, more RRC attempts.
And increase on paging.
You should check your core capacity in terms of signalling and paging, just to avoid any sort of limitation from core side.

Make sure you have those features which also add extra inactivityTimer for VoLTE, otherwise you may have increase of call setup failures due to UEs going to RRC_IDLE during setup.

Oh yes, there is tInactivityTimerOffset for QCI1.

Will check it!