Dynamic Scheduling for a UE

Hi All.

In 5G has anyone encountered Dynamic Scheduling for a UE?

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Not static, not semi-static. But dynamic:

Is it the dynamic UL/DL time pattern?

Changable between 3D1U and 1D3U?

No, it is completely dynamic based on DCI.

Dynamic for time or freq domain?


See more details here: Dynamic TDD – NR LTE related tech oriented blog

Like: sometimes 3D1U, sometimes 1D3U, right?

I just wonder how would Interference management be done in complete dynamic TDD?

And I don’t think any operator will implement full dynamic TDD configuration.

It is mentioned that coordination is needed between sites.

I was curious if anyone has this active in their network…

No one i think.

And about co-ordination, even static TDD conf in LTE is causing many interference issues, which are not completely solve even with many co-ordination features.

So Dynamic is going to bring more severe results.

It might be enabled in mmWave, where cell range is small and mostly under roof, so less overlapping with other cell.

So dangerous…

Just curious how many UEs support it…

Yes even in LTE, it’s not recommended.

We wanted to compare TDD config 2 vs 4 for interference impact, but neighbor sites coordination is not possible.