Dynamic Channel Configuration Control (DCCC)

Hi Experts,
When DCCC feature in Huawei 3G should be enabled?
Any KPI criteria for this feature should be activate all the time?
What’s the benefit of this feature?
As for state transition feature is DCCC feature required to be active.

This is a good feature, should be active.

Thanks. But is state transition depended on dccc?
Or state transition is a different feature?
As state transition changes from one state to another depending on switches and thresholds.

When the UE is in the low activity state, the UE state is changed to CELL_FACH or CELL_PCH/URA_PCH.

Yes but is DCCC feature for state transition feature?

DCCC feature in Huawei 3G is mainly used to control the rate of BE (best effort) services on the DCH and E-DCH.

Ok, got it.
State transition is changing of state and DCCC is BE services, so both are completely different.
Thanks dear.
For high users, DCCC based on traffic would be good.

DCCC feature works as:

  • state transition between cell-DCH or CELL_FACH to CELL_PCH for FAST DORMANCY user
  • throughput increase/decrease based on RLC buffer data

Cell resource capacity is fixed while user traffic/number is changed always, so this can help to optimal utilizing cell resource.