DU sending release request to CU in 5G SA network

Hi Experts.

In 5G SA network, DU is sending release request to CU.

What is first steps to check?

Cause code
Radio link failure - others (12).

Radio link failure is classic: bad RF in uplink or downlink, or strong interference in UL.

Too much interference usually.

SINR and RSRQ degraded too much.


But somehow SINR was 31 and RSRP was -62.

But good point… will investigate interference. Thanks!

Check your Uplink.

Radio Link Failure can be due to max rlc retransmissions in Uplink.
(Due to strong interference in Uplink)

See if Ue is at max tx power on PUSCH.

How can yoU resolve it?

The radiolinkfailure is managed by the radio link supervision.

You have to check timer.