DSS scenarios


Do you know if DSS scenarios A and B are supported by Nokia, Huawei and Ericsson?

Hi @marcengo.
Reason for 2 DSS?
Can it handle 2 NR+LTE in same gNB?

Reason is: different UEs present different capabilities, some can do DSS on F1 and others in F2.

In a site with F1 and F2 only, scenario A, is the main question if vendors would be able to make a carrier an Anchor for some UEs while a DSS carrier for others.

Soon IoDT on this (2 FDD ESS) but not getting momentum on NSA since aĺl the benefit of ESS can be achieved with one FDD ESS today and eco system.

However, 2 FDD ESS is getting more momentum on SA which will now to boost speed for SA.