DRX x Latency in LTE

When activating DRX in LTE the Latency (OSS KPI) increase but there’s no impact on end user.
Any explanation?

There is impact as DL packet needs to wait DRX on to be delivered and if UE is out of sync eNb will request via PDCCH order procedure.
I mean eNB waits for DRX active periods.

But with speedtest there’s no impact on Latency.

Speed test is initiatied by UE and mormaly with regular DRX setings it should not have impact on speed test perofmances.
It is very important how did you set ul reactivity timer… as longer timer is less impact of DRX to speed test can be expected.

Here sre settings:

  • set EUtranCellFDD=L.*,EUtranFreqRelation=1350 cellReselectionPriority 7
  • set EUtranCellFDD=L.*,EUtranFreqRelation=800 cellReselectionPriority 7
  • FeatureState 1
  • set DrxProfile onDurationTimer 7
  • set DrxProfile drxInactivityTimer 14
  • set DrxProfile drxRetransmissionTimer 4
  • set DrxProfile longDrxCycle 9
  • set DrxProfile longDrxCycleOnly 9
  • set DrxProfile shortDrxCycle 9
  • set DrxProfile shortDrxCycletimer 1

Hope both the bands are on same spectrum…
If different, we need to set different priorities for different spectrum bands.
Eg : High priority for Large Spectrum and second priority to other spectrum
Ex : if FDD 20 - 7 priority and FDD 10 - 6 Priority

What about timers settings?