Drive Test GSM (2G,2.5G)

Dear All, Muslim greetings Asslamu Alaikum. I am facing the following problem while doing drive test on gms/2g/2.5g network.In the “GSM serving + Neighbours [MS1]” window I found the same cell is showing 2 times but it should not be…Can any one expert can tell why this is happening ?

Are you using MBC in Ericsson or concentric cells in Huawei?

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Yes RangaChimombe sir, I am using concentric cells in Huawei system ? But why it is showing 2 times the same cell ?

WSalam rabiul,
I rekon you may be using cracked version of TEMS, Am i right?
I think its a bug in TEMS due to cracked version, I also faced the same issue. And the cell which it repeats 2 times is mostly the serving cell.

RangaChimombe sir , would you please comment on this ? Is it happening for concentric cell in Huawei system ?

Mharris sir, We have purchased it with good amound of money . How to identify it is crack software ?

I dont know how to identify it is crack or not, I was talking in general terms that its mostly cracked.
Dont worry about the repetitions, Just carry on analyzing.

Check if the BCCH is not defined in MA List. Usually its a precondition for intra cell handover between underlaid and overlaid cells

You can refer to Documentation below:

.1 Ericsson Locating Methods in Multi Band Cells

Radio propagation has different characteristics for frequencies from different frequency bands. Because of this, the pathloss on different frequency bands may be different at the same location, i.e. the reported signal strength from one MS would be different, depending on the frequency band used. To correctly locate MSs, independent of the frequency band used, the network has to be aware of the differences in propagation between the bands.

In many cases, it can be assumed that the difference in the pathloss for different frequency bands is constant within one cell and one type of environment. The difference can then be handled by applying a frequency band group offset (the same offset for the whole cell) for CS traffic served by the non-BCCH frequency band group. This method, with an offset, represents the basic method that all multi band cells will use unless other options are available.

In more complex environments with very varying propagation conditions the value of the frequency band group offset will always be too high for some MSs at the same time as it is too low for others. In order to overcome this an alternative method is possible to use. If the cell’s active mode BA list contains the cell’s own BCCH frequency and an MS in the non-BCCH frequency band group reports the measured signal strength of it, then this value is used by Locating instead. The frequency band group offset is then only applied during times when an MS is not reporting the own-BCCH.

.2 Huawei Locating Methods in Multi Band Cells

you can see that to enable intracell handover the concentric cell is made an adjacent cell automatically in the Hauwei Algorithm

mharris, brother we have purchased TEMS from an reputed organization. I
don’t know whether it is crack or not ? Is there any way to find out crack
software ?

Don’t know how to find out that. As you have purchased from reputed
organization then it may be original one.