DPDK vs SR-IOV for NFV? – Why a wrong decision can impact performance!

It is not easy to settle the debate for DPDK vs SR-IOV-the technologies used to optimize packet processing in NFV servers.


For one, you will find supporters on both sides with their claims and arguments.

However although both are used to increase the packet processing performance in servers, the decision on which one is better comes down to design rather than the technologies themselves.

So a wrong decision on DPDK vs SR-IOV can really impact the throughput performance as you will see towards the conclusion of the article.

To understand why design matters, it is a must to understand the technologies, starting from how Linux processes packets.

In particular, this article attempts to answer the following questions!

  1. What is DPDK
  2. What is SR-IOV
  3. How DPDK is different than SR-IOV
  4. What are the right use cases for both and how to position them properly?
  5. How DPDK/SR-IOV affects throughput performance.

I recommend that you start from the beginning until the end in order to understand the conclusion in a better way.

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