Downtilt based only on TA counters without drivetest data

Hello Experts,

I have a question about downtilt based only on TA counters without drivetest data.


Here is an example of how difficult it is to decide on downtilt even with drive test data.

PCI in black is not dominant outside the area circled in red yet is degrading RSRQ and SINR in lot of other places due to strong RSRP outside it’s serving area. Can we donwtilt further this PCI in black?

One would answer that we must do this. In reality we need to check: who else will be dominant in the area circled in red after PCI in black will be dominant.

Next question: where else we will lose coverage of PCI in black if we downtilt this PCI in black? This drivetest is nit exhaustive and another one needs to be done to understand teh whole footprint of the PCI in black not just the one in this limited drivetest.

Bottom line is that downtilting withoutdrivetest data and rearanging uptilts andf azimuths of other sectors is a bad idea.

This is somehow true.
Logically, tested and confirmed in a dense Urban senario, combination of TA, CQI distribution and PDCCH aggregation level for various neighboring cells together with the serving cell will yield an excellent result in the absence of drive test data.

It is not so easy, if the cell is dominant for 50 meters at 5 km away and there is no other cell serving there you cannot downtilt serving cell even if it it pollutes strong on 20 sqm km.
Counters will not tell you this, only drivetest data will.

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It’s so true your last post. Have had this problem in my network, had to add a neighbor relation from a site that was 20km away, cause it was the only site that had a free line of sight to a small area in a valley (about 100 to 150m). There was no other solution but to add it, to solve mobility issues and thus save calls. This example told me as well why it’s always good to drive test with UEs and a Scanner. Without a scanner I would never have identified that particular cell that needed to be added.