Download slow in some specific scenarios

Hello dear brothers,
I have a question in regarding the customers complaining about some gaming downloads slowness in 5G, specially playstation.
Why the speeds can be very good in the normal browsing situation and bad in downloading games from playstation?
Is it related to the traffic type privilages?
Or what could be reason?

Need to check which 5QI is using in its bearer.

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It’s same i believe for all types of traffic, 6 CQI.

For gaming user should use 5QI=3 for tight delays.

Could You please Confirm it is using this 5QI?

List of 5QIs can be found here (Thanks @Tech_Playon):

Pretty much same like QCI in 4G.


Dear @RFSpecialist, how can I check the 5QI from the layer 3 messages, is it in the RRC reconfiguration?
Cause that is only QCI for 4G is shown.

Check either PDU session establishment request or PDU session modification command.
But I am not clear: user complains about lag/delay or low throughput while downloading maps in the game?
First things first: are you in 5G SA or 5G NSA?

Complains only to low TP not delay in the gaming it self.
In this case, he is saying when downloading a game the speeds becomes very low.
Other issue, some complains about ping.

And it is 5G NSA.

Then forget about PDU session establishment request or PDU session modification command.
Better check RF, like RSRQ CQI SINR for 5G.

Very good RF conditions.

He is probably indoor.
Which band are you using for 5G NSA?

Cband 3.5.

Ok, then how many concurent users per cell? 5, 20…100?
Look at cell stats…

Other downloads are very good.
Only when using playstation and downloading from uts store, speed becomes almost 0.

Then it can be a botleneck at the end side of uts store.
Probably there’s nothing you can do about it.

If he use a VPN could it solve the issue?
Or probably be worst?

If all downloads are ok and just uts store is low there’s no other explanation that i see.
Maybe you can check wit CORE guys.

Do we use 5QI for NSA as well?
What I know qci 5 to 9, 69, 70, 79 used for NSA .
5QI valid with SDAP and SA.


To my knowledge 5Qi is valid for NSA as well, we can even configure which all PDU sessions can use gNB as 5QI5 may be used for VoLTE IMS signalling and not allowed to be setup on gNB.

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This was my concern as well,
As long as the NW is NSA (using 4G Core) then, there is no 5G QoS.
Instead it will use QCI 6, 7, 8, 9.