Does we use aperiodic csi reporting or periodic only for 5G NR?

Hi Experts,
For NR do we use aperiodic csi reporting or periodic only?

I see periodic.

I m seeing mostly periodic as well. but can be aperiodic as well?
Not sure any parameter here…

Both you can use.

Any triggering method to use aperiodic csi reporting.
I find periodic only as of now.

There is also aperiodic in parameters.

Huawei has param csialgoswitch that can be either periodic or aperiodic in 5G.
But everyone uses periodic.

In LTE aperiodic is used in Uplink resource scheduling, RACH response and during handover RACH response but all this needs to be configured.

I think NR would behave similar… I don’t know.

But LTE aperiodic has more gains NR doesn’t want this although signalling overhead increases.

Some linkage with CA working in NR there for aperiodic CSI reporting.
Need to check further.

Actually aperiodic csi reporting grants an accurate scheduling due to accurate PMI and CQI and Rank Indicator.

I remember Huawei said now their NR not support cqi aperiodic report.

For FR2 only aperiodic reporting is supported.

Some vendors use aperiodic only