Does we use 3 or 6 PCI for each 4T6S solution site?

Hello Experts.

I have one question about 4T6S solution.
Does we use 3 or 6 PCI for each site?

Each cell will be 2 cells.
So if you have a site with 3 cells, will be 6 cells.
So 6 PCIs.

Thanks. And how about RSI?

Same: 6 RSI.

So need to replan all the surrounding area again?

No need - just a correct plan for the new cells.

Is there any restriction or rules to be applied for PCI planning, like the minimum azimuth or something?

Nope, just instead of 1 cell with beam width 65 degree will be 2 cells each cell 32.5 degree, one left and one right.

Thanks alot @Firas_Attar !

Always welcome dear @Sameh !