Does using Ciphering Algorithm Null impact UEs?

Hi Experts,
One question related to ciphering.
Can using ciphering Algorithm Null somehow impact negative on UEs or it is not important?

I don’t think you can use null ciphering other than for emergency calls.

Yes, but I see it in the rrcConnReconfig and it looks strange to me also.
And we have issue with esm bearer.

I think it’s not allowed by specs.

In 3gpp spec it looks null integrity protection cannot be used but I didn’t find nothing for ciphering null value.

Null ciphering can be used, but not suggested.
Null integrity is not allowed.

Thank You :+1:.

Let me correct my statement: it shouldn’t be used (though it can be).

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And one more question: If keyToUse is set to secondary should I expect to see sk-counter also in rrcConnReconfig msg?

No necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s depend on service provider choice they can be ignore ciphering but integration is must.