Does UEs support 70 MHz bandwidth?

Hi Experts.

In 5G, spec 38101-1 says UE doesn’t support 70 MHz bandwidth.

Whereas 38104 says mentions, BS supports 70 MHz bandwidth.

This case is only with 70 MHz.

Why? And how UE will operate?

In NR, BS transmitted BW can be different than what UE can support.

Hence we have concept of BWP in NR.

So cell can transmit with 70 MHz and UE can attach and tranfer data with BWP of 60 MHz.


But 2 more questions:

  1. What if gNB configures the BWP to 70 MHz initially?

  2. If there is a single UE connected, then there is always a wastage of 10 MHz even if that UE supports upto 100 MHz bandwidth.

UE will not be able to attach. Operator has to define BWPs sizes considering echosystem

It’s not wastage, but necessity.

If cell BW is 70 MHz and no BWP is configured for less than 70 MHz (Like 60 MHz), UE wont be able to attach even though UE support 100 MHz.

Then why UE BWs are defined in the spec if 100 MHz BW is mandatory for the UEs?

100 Mhz is not mandatory to UE.

Where is it mentioned?

It’s spec on ODM.