Does UE send selected network mode settings to gNB / eNB?

Dear Experts.

Does UE send selected NW mode settings* to gNB / eNB?

*NR only or NR/LTE setting

UE can sends supported network / RATs to the gNB / 5GC upon request, if this is what you asked.


My question was if I manually set my Mobile Network mode to NR only, than how will gNB / 5GC know that mobile is set to NR only mode?

The RAN would send RRC message (CUCP would send it) RRC:UECapabilityEnquiry message (see section 5.6.1 of 38.331) and UE would reply with UECapabilityInformation indicating of what RAT it supports.

If mobile is set to NR mode only, then RAN can know it in reponse.

For the core side, see UE Radio Capability Check Request in TS 38.413 and its procedure.

I hope this is what you were looking for. Hope it helps.

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Yes i was looking for this spec only. Thanks!