Does multiuser MIMO actually improve Throughput?


Does multiuser MIMO actually improve Throughput?

Because if multiple user at same time are in different RF, I think it will degrade UE Throughput but can improve cell throughout.

If I am wrong pleased correct me…

Let say in 4x4 MU-MIMO (02 2x2 MIMO UEs are scheduled at the same time, UEs of same SINR are grouped, before MU-MIMO That second UE need to wait to be scheduled).
It actually help to improve user perception.
(RF Scheduling delay)

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Increasing capacity by reusing same resources for different UEs and hence increasing user and cell throughput.

It normally don’t improve OSS KPIs because pairing usage in live network is very low.


In live network it is because SINR can be different for multiple UEs?

Yes, correct.

So MIMO is good, but multiuser MIMO I don’t think it’s effective unless you have good RF for UEs.

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