Does most of the LTE handsets supports 4T4R FDD?

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Does most of the LTE handsets supports 4T4R FDD?

Check this:

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In LTE category filter - is it UE category?


Cat 6 still majority in India at least.

5G handset should be 2x2 and 4x4.

Not necessarily.

The contribution of 4T4R supported handsets are far less in comparison with 2T2R compatible handset.

In your network you can compare it by making a simple formula:

(sum of MIMO rank 3 and rank 4)
(all rank samples)

By virtue of this you can check correct standings.

Any counters available for Nokia?

You can search it by rank.

Moreover, all handset which are in CAT 5 and beyond it are supported 4T4R MIMO.

4T4R TDD also?

For Nokia, you can check Rank Indicator used by the UE with the following counters:

Counter ID NetAct Name

Also on the Reporting Suite, you can use the report RSLTE020 to check MIMO usage.

In band higher 1500 MHz, UE can support 4 layers.

But in lower band, just 2 layers max.

Is this applicable for both FDD and TDD or handset availability is more for 4T4R TDD than FDD?

What about LTE 4T4R on a radio that is Low Band?
Does a regular UE (non CPE) support 4Rx in downlink?
Band12, Band13, Band17, Band28 700 MHz
Band20 800 MHz
Band5 850 MHz
Band8 900 MHz